About us

About Us

Company History

Eco-Higiena sh.pk, based in Gjilan, was founded on 23 May 2012, as a limited liability company, and its activity has started on 1 July 2012.

Eco-Higjena is the first and only in Kosovo in the field of cleaning, which was established by the Agreement of Public-Private Partnership and performs cleaning services with a geographic territory of the region of Gjilan.

Eco-Higjiena does the collection, transportation and treatment of waste as well as other public services such as cleaning and maintenance of streets, city squares, cemeteries and markets.

Its activity lies in the South- east Region of Kosovo: Gjilan, Viti and Kamenica while has also a cooperation agreement with the municipality of Novo Brdo, Partes, Ranilug and Klokot.

It exercises its activity in accordance with the applicable legal provisions of the Republic of Kosovo being equipped with corresponding license from the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. (http://www.mmph-rks.org/)


Eco-Higiena has employed 174 workers, respectively 111 employees in Gjilan, 22 employees in the Viti, 23 employees in Kamenica and 7 employees in Novo Brdo.

With its activities that exercises , Eco-Higjiena  impacts on environmental and ecological space protection and indirectly protecting the health of citizens.

Eco-Higjiena has a professional staff, modern equipment, serious management and dedicated.


With its services, is bringing to the citizens, the image of a new era in the field of cleaning and maintenance space, giving a new dimension to the services that offers.

Eco-Higjiena is a member of the Kosovo  Commerce Chamber. (Http://www.oek-kcc.org/) PAMKOS Association, the Organization OeKG – Austria-Kosovo Society (http://www.oekg-ks.org/) member in the EIC / Investors European Council  / (http : //www.eic-ks.eu/) and other associations.

Eco-Higjiena is licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning for Waste Management.