Within the company “Eco-Higjiena” works also the workshop for servicing-repair and maintenance of vehicles of the company. This service employs workers of different profiles, such as: auto mechanic, auto electrician, welder, mechanical assistance.

Workshops for maintenance and repair of vehicles

To be always able to readiness and to the level of duty, the company within has also the workshop for maintenance and repairing.

Professional team of Work Shop comprised of associate different profiles, as an auto mechanic, auto machinist, welder, is always on standby to respond where the need is.

Besides maintenance and the repair of defects in vehicles and working equipment  in the workshop, the team of workshop is also Mobile to carry out repairs to defects in the scene as well as other important tasks according to requests of the company.

For walking in step with technology, the company will encourage the staff of workshop in their professional preparation.

The Company Eco-Higjiena in its program for mechanic field will offer the possibility of practical cooperation of professional  schools , in qualifying and preparing practical- professional interested practitioners.

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