Management of Markets

Foto1394Management of Markets

“ Green Market “or better known to people as” Bazaar “represents the most important area of the city, which is designated to perform services to the flow of goods to the buying and selling of all types ranging from agricultural and ending with those artisans and light industry.

Management of the Green market and Animals

The Green Market in Gjilan, Kamenica and Viti as well as that of animals in the Viti, are an important economic sector in the region of Anamorava.The traders and farmers of the region offer their seasonal products and various industrial products.

Market or bazaar These unavoidable venues trading are part of the inevitable cultural not only to the Balkan Peninsula, but also beyond, there can not be overlooked neither the market of Gjilan from cultures of  Anamorava region.

As today the trade has taken global measures also the market of Gjilan, Viti and Kamenica offer products from the 4 corners of the terrestrial globe in this region.

To set up the green market at the needs of the time as for traders and also for consumer , remains that those Municipal responsible to create infrastructure genuine conditions.

Despite this, the company Eco-Higjiena within its responsibilities, organizes the management collection and maintenance of commercial surface in terms of hygiene.

In the Viti, except the Green Market the work unit Eco-Higjiena  maintains and manages the also the Animals Market.

Even in this market remains that in a near future, the Municipality to create infrastructure conditions for higher quality conditions and services.

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