Waste Collection

1039756_388616774575706_832892947_oWaste Collection

In the Program of Operating work of collection of Urban waste, “ECO-Higjiena”  extendes  its activities through its working units  in Ana Morava geographical territory .


Eco-Higjiena Sh.p.k.  organizes the collection and transportation of waste in Gjilan, Viti, Artan (Novo Brdo). Kamenica and 19 villages of the Municipality of Gjilan. While with its license in Partes, Ranilug and Klokot.

Waste transfer is carried out also in villages as Shillovë, Cernice, Zhegër Kmetovc, Bresalc, Përlepnicë, Upper Livoq ,lower Livoq , Malisheva, Pogragje, Uglar, Velekincë, Velekince Muhaxherëve, Dobërqan, Lladovë, Llashticë, Kosaq etc ,.

The interest of the citizens and the company’s strategy has aroused interest in expanding services to other rural areas. Develop operational plan for expansion of the activity of the company is the target of the company to provide services also in rural areas.

Working Teams “Eco-Higjiena” serve more than 20,000 customers, resulting so its ecological mission.

The transfer of waste

The Organizing of waste transfer is done in 3 shifts:

– Shift I 05:00 to 13:00,

– Shift II 13:00 to 20:00

– Shift III 22: 00-05: 00.

Types of waste:

Household waste are those arising from the settlements, including houses, container-houses, camps, prisons or waste from schools, colleges or universities.

Commercial waste come from premises used wholly or mainly for trade, business, sport, recreation or entertainment.

Industrial waste are waste generated from plants or industrial processes. (Some kind of waste as those dangerous and contamination, the company Eco-Higjiena does not offer services).

Organic waste

Organic waste, mainly those of the garden, different herbs, vegetable waste, leaves, flowers, thinning residues, pieces of wood, wood ashes, etc. Food waste, animal waste, slaughterhouses etc.

The company Eco-Higjiena is planning to organize the transfer of this particular type of waste in the form of a pilot project aimed at encouraging citizens to natural compost preparation for household and commercial needs. Receipt and transfer of such waste will be organized through special containers and placed in certain locations. The provided period for collection and transfer will be from mid of March until the end of September.

Through this biological recycling primarily contribute to nature and space resources and maintaining ecological balance.

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