Shërbimet Eco-Higjiena


Waste Collection

In the Program of Operating work of collection of Urban waste, “ECO-Higjiena”  extendes  its activities through its working units  in Ana Morava geographical territory…(More)

Maintance of Public Surfaces

For more effective maintenance of public spaces Eco-Higjiena has clearly defined work program which is prepared every year. Responsible and competent for the approval of this program is the Board of Directors of the Company…(More)

Management of Markets

“ Green Market “or better known to people as” Bazaar “represents the most important area of the city, which is designated to perform services to the flow of goods to the buying and selling of all types ranging from agricultural and ending with those artisans and light industry…(More)


Within the company “Eco-Higjiena” works also the workshop for servicing-repair and maintenance of vehicles of the company. This service employs workers of different profiles, such as: auto mechanic, auto electrician, welder, mechanical assistance…(More)